ASP.NET 5 will see MVC, Web API and Web Pages combined into one framework called MVC 6. At a later time, the MVC 6 term was replaced with the ASP.NET Core MVC to align with the .NET Core family. The characteristics like its versatility, easier maintenance, browser refresh as well as speed, contribute to its performance as well, making it the choice of many developers.

uses of asp net

A few years after WebForms became popular, Microsoft introduced ASP.NET MVC 1.0 as new alternative model for building web applications. While the early versions of MVC addresses most of the Web Forms downsides, still it uses the .ASPX-based markup engine to serve up pages. When Microsoft released ASP.NET MVC 3.0 in early January of 2011, the “Razor View Engine” came into life as a new markup engine addition to power ASP.NET MVC Views. The Razor View Engine in ASP.NET full .NET framework supports both VB.NET (.vbhtml) and C# (.cshtml) as the server-side language. It provide runtimes , programming languages, libraries, tooling and frameworks that enables you to build any applications that you want. Depending on the .NET runtime you are using, you will be able to build and deploy different types of applications targetting different environments.

Supported Programming Languages

Another great decision will be to consult some professionals that have experience in web development. PHP is an open-source programming language that does not require paid tools or licenses. However, the additional expenses spent on ASP.NET development are definitely worth it due to improved functionality and high quality. In addition to different coding methods, businesses should draw special attention to scalability that greatly improves the performance of services. Vertical scalability aims at acquiring more power to existing machines whereas horizontal one focuses on adding more machines. You can find many well-known companies among the users of these web approaches.

  • The performance of the application can be significantly improved if pages which are often requested by users – get cached and stored in a temporary location.
  • ’’, we would like to define the most important aspects that should be taken into account.
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If you are a Node.js developer, you can find a friendly community on Github to help you with your questions and doubts. Moreover, you can also share your knowledge with the Node.js developer community. If you are a developer looking for a job or want to hire someone to build an application, you should know which one is better. We compare Node.js vs ASP.NET on various criteria to help you choose the best option. However, if you have a bigger team, you will need to pay for the license to use the Visual Studio.


Since PHP was released earlier and was presented initially as the web programming language, its community was increasing faster than ASP.NET’s. At present, there is a high market demand for these developers as SPA and SaaS applications are the new default business standard. Python frameworks are collections of pre-written codes that developers use when building web applications. ASP.NET language has been there for a long time, and it enjoys the trust of developers for building resource-intensive applications. Developers use it to build desktop applications that can send and receive data on the Internet without a browser.

uses of asp net

The developers have to choose Linux servers to host the website or applications. In ASP.NET applications, source code and HTML files are together, so ASP.NET pages are easy to manage and write. The ASP.NET framework is facilitated by a powerful toolkit and designer in the integrated development environment of Visual Studio. Drag-and-drop server controls and auto-deployment are only a couple of the features this versatile tool offers. Everyone wants to deliver a fast and efficient solution for their users. ASP.NET would be the definite winner here as the compiled coding is more accurate and systematic.

Python Frameworks For Web Development: How To Choose The Best One

The most common programming languages used for building .NET apps are C#, Visual Basic and F#. However, to master this technology, one needs to learn C#, a general-purpose language used to build mobile applications, desktop applications, games, and other apps. There is a lot of stuff to learn from basics and then go to advanced things like object-oriented programming, data structures, and entity framework before learning ASP.NET. ASP.NET core, along with the mobile backend, also supports cloud-based development, web application development, and IoT Development.

It’s easy to handle errors on this platform due to its type system. ReSharper helps you efficiently work with ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC projects, including markup files, with a whole pack of code analysis, coding assistance, navigation, and code generation features. Some of them work in web applications exactly the way they do in C# or VB.NET projects; others are fine-tuned for specific requirements of web development.

ASP.NET makes it possible for developers to create web applications, web services, and dynamic content-driven websites. It is used for creating solutions based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that are simple, fast, and can scale to lots and lots of users. Both technologies have been presented on the market a long time ago and gained special recognition among web developers.

Asp Net Vs Php: Which Is Better For Web Development?

If you want to learn more about ASP.NET, feel free to reach out to us and we will do everything in our power to answer all your questions. In case you have a project in mind and would like to discuss it with our development team, contact us today. Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog post in its entirety. We at Share IT sincerely hope it helped you learn more about ASP.NET and all its many benefits. This app can also be downloaded for free for non-corporate usage.

uses of asp net

Consequently, being open-sourced turned out to be a great solution for the PHP web development community. They have gained the biggest market share and keep on the constant improvements and regular releases. In the light of ASP vs PHP comparison, the PHP developers deal with the other type of code – interpreted one that is completely written in C. It allows excellent customization nevertheless that might be the cause for some bugs and poor coding.

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Lesser code encourages the application to easily manage and effectively maintain. Consequently, there isn’t one definite answer to the raised ASP.NET vs PHP question. The final choice is always defined in accordance uses of asp net with the company’s outlined requirements and available resources. Whereas it might seem an easy question to answer, we would like to be more specific and define all the pros and cons of this development approach.

The efficient Google Chrome V8 engine and asynchronous request handling enable Node.js to process requests without delays. If you are a beginner, you can start learning Node.js because of its dynamic nature. If you have a good grasp of Javascript, it will be easy to grasp this technology. In the advanced stages, you will have to learn asynchronous programming, callback functions, and event handling, which are not complicated and don’t take much time. On hosting applications, there aren’t many options available for Node.js.

Even though some framework or programming language was a perfect match for other projects, the final choice should definitely correspond to the ongoing needs. Due to the wide range of technologies, the companies have to do their own research to make the final decision. In this article, we’ll define important details in the light of ASP.NET vs PHP comparison as the current market trends for web development.

It is greatly supported and improved by own community that consists of more than 5 million PHP developers. The open-source programming language is quite popular among newcomers and has gained the biggest market share. Its supportive community keeps on growing for more than 25 years. Having a number of in-built security features, PHP is still considered less secure compared with other web-server programming languages. While obtaining more flexibility in writing the code, engineers have more responsibilities to secure it and can’t rely only on the in-build tools. However, It is common that professional development companies will pay for additional licenses to get more functionality.

Is a markup or view engine that powers Razor Pages, MVC and Blazor applications. Is a web framework for building scalable and dynamic web applications and services that sits on top of .NET Core. However, in order to avoid implying it is an update to the existing ASP.NET framework, Microsoft later changed the name to ASP.NET Core at the 1.0 release. ASP.NET in Full .NET FrameworkAs you can see from the preceding illustration, there are many things that you can do with ASP.NET. You can build web apps using different UI models, create a Web API that serves data and as well as implement real-time capability using ASP.NET SignalR. However, Node.js is not an ideal choice for applications that require heavy computation.

NET Trends Report 2022 –

NET Trends Report 2022.

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The main reason for this is either you don’t have real exposures to apply the framework or simply because you are completely new to web development and you have no idea where to begin. Along with this flexibility, the user also gets the support of a humongous community who share their knowledge, ideas, and code, as well as guide the user by availing solutions to their problem. The active .NET Core Community, by providing quick response and on-time updates, saves a lot of time for the user, making the development process more agile. ASP.NET Core, an open-source framework as well as the most thriving member of the humongous ASP.NET fraternity. With the release of ASP.NET Core, Microsoft has expanded the boundaries for developers, providing them the alternative of web application development on different platforms along with Windows. This .NET framework has an excellent toolkit with features like drag and drop server controls and auto-deployment that helps developers write codes quickly.

It also has many libraries and templates that you can use in coding for different projects to save your time and effort. Due to its single-threaded nature, you can use it for developing asynchronous apps. Moreover, as it is compatible with various platforms, it is suitable for creating cross-platform applications. Earlier it was used only in client-side scripting, but with the advent of Node.js, you can use it for server-side app development.

This framework obtains the vertical scalability that focuses on reducing the overall delivery time. Language – A .NET Framework is a variety of programming languages including VB.NET and C#. Is a cross-platform mobile app platform for building Android and iOS apps with .NET and C#. ASP.NET Core also provides built-in support for Angular and React and as well as adding support for gRPC – a language agnostic, high-performance Remote Procedure Call framework. So, if you’ve heard or seen articles about WebForms, ASP.NET MVC 1 -5, Web Pages, Web API 1-2 and SignalR, then those web framework models are running under the Full .NET Framework. While the Full .NET framework is mature and stable, you should keep in mind that any apps built on top of it will only run in Windows.

Another distinction of PHP development is the interpreted code. This type of code is usually executed on the server, later generated into HTML and only then sent to the user side. Accordingly, the execution time is longer and might get some errors with importing heavy files and lead to slower performance compared to other languages. To start with, ASP.NET is a mature framework that has been on the market for more than a few decades. In comparison to other frameworks, it has gained a decent market share and continues to strengthen them through constant evolvement. Today’s community consists of more than 60,000 developers all around the world.

Whenever the event loop receives too many requests, it will use all the CPU space to process the first request beforehand and then respond to other requests. Moreover, handling errors is challenging in Node.js as it is asynchronous. The primary language used for ASP.NET is C#, a powerful language with many features and data structures. It is an object-oriented language developed using C++ and Java. Since it is based on current trends, you can use this language to create interoperable, scalable, robust web applications. Unit testing assistance is also available for .NET Core unit tests in Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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